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Do you wish you could read an epic and awesome and funny blog that talks about the end of the world through a Chinese Zombie Apocalypse?  Well that magic wish can be granted if you head on over to my friend’s super awesome fantastic win blog of great magic special awesome where he is writing a novel called “Boy Meets Grr.”  Who could possibly resist that?  Who I ask you!?  Not me!  (He, unlike me, posts daily as well so you can get your zombie fix more often.)

If you follow his blog, then I may get the addition of a unicorn to the story which means that I will be inspired to regale all of you with even moar epic awesome win fabulous stories from my strange life.

Upcoming blog topics:

  • Even more reasons why I shouldn’t have a car.
  • The Murder Code story.
  • How I gave birth to a trash can.
  • Something about purple plant eaters.
  • And the time I was in Pakistan and my dad almost sold me to two men.

I shall be back this week with another post and some more regular stories.  My business event that eclipsed my life for the past few months is drawing to an end… tomorrow… yay!