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So I have been needfully absent on these pages…  but I haz gud excuse!

I have been working.  Like as if I am a grown up with a grown up’s job in a grown up’s world wearing yoga pants 34/7 (oh yes, that is a typo BUT ITS STAYING that’s how epic I am) just in case in the middle of my day I have to break out “downward facing dog” to finish my quest to conquer the world.

I shall be back, in fact I could have sworn I only stepped out for a few moments…  But apparently the Earth has moved a few billion billion miles since then and here we are.

I would like to also state that I have killed 14 spiders, 1 centipede, and a nest of hornets since last we mocked together.  Which spawns these words of wisdom:  #1: if you think a spider is dead assume it’s alive and not dead.  #2: Centipedes, even when covered by 2L of pepsi cola can still move horrifically fast.  #3: Spray hornets when they are sleeping for the love of a non-stinging god.

Also, P.S. In a giant twist of irony, a new blog idea has been gifted to me and I shall be posting there as well when my life calms down…. in September.

Until I go to Paris and London that is… 😀