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The two snowmen cried themselves to sleep.  While they slept, darkness crept over the land along with other things.  Tall things.  Dark things.  Things that moved with the swiftness of wind and the crunching screams of snow.

Some of these things saw the two snowmen, and they wended their way towards them.  The sun had vanished so there was little light to witness the changes that were being wrought.  Their tasks finished, the things crunched away again into the night.

The snowmen woke up.  Slowly they blinked their black buttony eyes at the dusky darkness shrouding them.  Something seemed to be very different from the way things had been only the afternoon before.  But what?

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Something had gone dreadfully wrong in the prayer department.  The first snowman’s cedar mouth opened in a moue of despair.  The second snowman continued his silent scream perched aloft his new, taller body.

What were they to do?

Above them a street light flicked on and radiated a soft glow of hope.  They gazed upwards at this new-found sun and pondered their predicament.

A shadow passed in front of the light.

To be continued….