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Once upon a time there was a blizzard in April.  It was a rather unexpected blizzard being that most snow storms are polite enough to only visit before the Spring Equinox.  However, sometimes snow says “Bitch, please” and then yesterday happens.

From the loins of this great storm sprung a tiny man made of snow.  His eyes were seeds (although there is some philosophical debate calling into question their potential for being more aptly described as “rabbit jellybeans”), his mouth a concerned set of cedar shavings, and his arms the kind of jaunty that only twigs can bring to the table.  He was a lone man; forged from the mighty bosoms of ice demons.  He was also a lonely man.


He prayed to the sky and stone and trees for a friend to relieve him of his great loneliness for Spring was coming.  And lo!  His prayers were answered: a friend was woven into being by breath and wind and grit-specked mittens.  He too sported shiny black button eyes and jaunty twig arms.  But alas!  There was a problem…


His head perched upon the gravel instead of sitting confidently upon his magnificant shoulders.  Such tragedy!  The two snowmen wept tiny ice tears at this turn of events.

Could nothing be done to salvage this mockery of snow life?  Could no power upon the face of the cosmos save our heroes?  Or could something so amazing be done, it would forever change the destiny of all snowmanity?

To be continued…