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I am in the midst of a few post ideas but I haven’t quite gotten them to the “acceptable for more than myself to laugh at” stage yet.  Pictures need to be tweaked, more sarcasm needs to be added, and a pervasive despair over the plight of humanity needs to come across.  Basically if by the end of reading these posts your opinion of our species hasn’t lowered at least one notch, then I will have failed us all.  US ALL.

Stay tuned for:

  • The Epic Mother Of All Bad Dates in a two-part series of terrible hilariousness.
  • A travel story from when I went to the Czech Republic and encountered a DOM (Dirty Old Man).
  • And a thoughtful piece on why accents are so damn attractive to us American girls.
  • Tales of me at the gym.  Pretty much a thesis on what not to do.

Also! If you love zombies, awkward romance, and reading about China, then you totes need to check out my friend’s blog.  He’s writing his first novel evah and has been posting a page a day for quite some time now.  It’s going to be epic and amazing and I am trying to bribe him into adding a unicorn or two… so… *crosses fingers*

Zombie Love Story

Until the future!