Since I posted last I have spent a week being sick, and then my computer decided to follow me into the abyss of illness.  Instead of choosing the form of Voltron (which would actually be useful to me), it chose instead to take the form of “a computer without working USB ports.”  I have now since discovered that USB ports are rather useful on a computer.

In the meantime I have been writing up some ideas on actual paper.  Egads!  What is this witchcraft of the 20th century?  I have no idea.  But it seems to work.

Yes, my writing ability DOES weigh the same as a duck!

Some topics to look forward to: more dating stories, the stages of how I am when I am sick, and maybe even a pony.

In other, delightful news, I broke verbal ground on my fantasy series this week.  I am 1500 words in and stuff may be happening.  Or not.  But that’s what second through infinity drafts are for.  Now is the time for terrible first drafts that make my creative writing stories I wrote when I was 10 look like the work of a genius.  (Spoiler alert: I wrote about dinosaurs and illustrated them myself.)

P.S.  Pro tip: when you hit “publish” instead of “preview” nonmagical things happen.